Ghetto Fabulous

Ghetto Fabulous to me is buying / living above your means.

If you sell a piece of property and you portion of the sell is no more than $40,000 per sibling there is no reason you should be broke less than thirty days later. Especially when your spouses job would be terminated by Spring due to his current place of employment going out of business. You place that money in the bank for your mortgage  for the months to come. Yes your spouse may receive a severance package from his employer but that too needs to be saved.

You don’t go out and buy: beats head phones, a $8,000 gas grill, iPod, MacBook Air, a hideous ring, tacky pocket book, new cell phone when you just got a new one last year, rotisserie  assessor for that honker of a grill, a juicer, eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Only to have Verizon calling your phone because you haven’t paid your bill and they stopped your ability to send/receive messages, have your satellite disconnected due to non payment and have the nerve to ask your co-workers to borrow $20 for gas because you have a coupon for a free bottle of perfume at Kohls!

REALLY ! You received the sale CASH money from the home December 21st and by February you are broke beyond broke and begging for money!?

You are 44 years old! Grow up! Grow a set and tell that dumb ass 44 year old child man of a husband to slow his roll and stop spending money like he is JayZ !


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