Facebook Faux

Facebook Faux

What is it about us as humans that we feel we  have to know everything about everybody? Do you have a Facebook? Add me on your Facebook! Why would I want you on my Facebook? It’s called Facebook Friends not Facebook Co-workers! I don’t like you as a person or co-worker and we damn sure aren’t friends so why on Gods green Earth would I add you? I have to listen to your bullshit all day why the hell would I want to see your ghetto remixed posts on Facebook ? My page is my page! I go to it to post/vent to my FRIENDS and FAMILY ! I don’t need to bring your drama into my personal life. We work together we are not friends! When I keep denying your requests that should be enough but you keep asking me to add you! When I tell you I only add FAMILY that means just that. You are not going to surf my page, see what I do or don’t do when I’m not at work. What I do before or after I clock out is my life! Try getting one!

Stop being a Faux Facebook Friend! Stop stalking others pages. If you are friends they will add you. If you send one request and they decline let it go! It’s sad really !

And while we are on the subject of Facebook! Guy & Girls ..Please stop posting every single event in your life on Facebook. Don’t go on a rant about how you caught your guy/girl cheating and you are so done, you’re moving on, you’ll never take them back, you’re so much better off without them! Two days later;  I love Becky/Joshua so much! He/she is the ying to my yang! You look and sound stupid! Keep it simple shawty! Some things need to remain off Facebook!


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