Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown’s Tearful Post-Breakup Talk Revealed

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran split one week ago, and now HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY that the duo had a ‘tearful’ and very long talk after their breakup.

Chris Brown, 25, and Karrueche Tran, 26, have broken up because Chris has commitment issues. Despite the split, Chris and Karrueche still have serious love for each other. HollywoodLife.com has ALL the details about Chris and Karrueche’s “heavy, very emotional” post-breakup talk!

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Nicole Murphy Speaks About Michael Strahan For First Time After Split


What the what ! I didn’t know they had split !!! They didnt let me know!

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

After a shocking end to her five-year engagement to Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy has now opened up for the first time ever about the status of the ex-couple’s relationship!

Rumors have swirled about everything from spying to cheating when it comes to the relationship — and ultimate breakup — of Nicole Murphy, 46, and Michael Strahan, 42. Nicole has finally spoken up about where she and Michael stand right now!

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Rihanna: What She Really Thinks Of Chris Brown, Drake & Their Bromance

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Rihanna is living up the single lady life! She’s not focusing her energies on Chris Brown or Drake and a source has told HollywoodLife.com what she thinks of their newfound bromance!

Who needs boys anyway? Rihanna, 26, is currently on her Monster tour with Eminem, 41, and she’s not letting thoughts of exes, Drake, 27, and Chris Brown, 25, cloud her mind whatsoever. A source tells HollywoodLife.com about Rihanna’s “big picture” and how she feels about Drake and Chris’ friendship.

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Friend or Foe?

You are not a friend if you only phone/text when you want to talk about you as always. 

Always expect someone to be supportive of all you stupid decisions you make in life. You have the gaul to become mad when a person who is a true friend calls you out on you being an obvious bad mother and borderline whore.

True friends are able to tell each other the truth no matter how hurtful the truth is. And a true friend listens and takes that information to heart. 

You never think about anyone but yourself. You have more drama in your life that you have brought on to yourself than a lifetime tv movie.

You are no friend to anyone that I can tell. I have been here for you for many years now and over and over I ask myself why do I continue to try to hold on to this one sided friendship. I call/text you on your kids bdays. I call/text in support when your broke ass babies daddy is taking you to court to obtain full guardianship because he sees you as an unfit mother who only wants to fuck and party. (which he is so right).

A friend calls/texts when their friend is having surgery. For 6 long weeks I heard nothing from you!

I ended up texting you to say whats up and even then you never asked how my surgery went or how I felt. Only wanted to talk about the new dick you had moved into your home with your kids that did not have a job lived off your stupid ass until you found a new piece of dick to suck.

I asked you to proof read my very first blog post months ago so that you could give me your feed back. You never took five minutes out of you busy dick sucking life to read it. Now after all this time you have the nerve to ask me about my site address when I mention I was gonna stay in bed watch tv and write on my blog. Bitch I gave you the site address months ago and if it wasnt important to you then; you are not important to me now. 

I see now why so many men leave you and you have absolutely no friends. Well honestly Ive always known but felt sorry for you and remained there for you but not anymore. 

Goodbye Foe!

Beyonce Attacked By Bill O’Reilly — Calls Sexy Video ‘Exploitive Garbage’


Beyonce use to be the singer/songwriter any age could listen to. She did not dress like a Nun, always sophisticated and classy. But this new reinvented version of the singer makes me want to vomit. Yes you can be seductive and not sluttie. I have come to expect more from her. It seems she has hitched a ride on the same train that our beloved Whitney Houston took. Hopefully being the dapper gent that I think Jayz is he will stop this before she too crashes and burns!

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Bill O’Reilly has slammed Beyonce for her ‘Partition’ music video, claiming she is glorifying sex and using her role model status to encourage young girls to get pregnant. Do you think Bill is going too far this time?

While interviewing music mogul Russell Simmons, Bill O’Reilly went off on a rant about one of Beyonce‘s latest music videos. Though Russell protests the topic at hand, Bill brings up the Monica Lewinsky reference and goes on to call her sexy “Partition” music video “garbage.”

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Don’t let the smooth talk fool ya

Men who have their phones on silent or vibrate have something to hide. I completely understand these settings for work or school but home? No there is only one reason for this. 

Women never have their phones on silent or vibrate unfortunately. Even in situations which they should be; like a wedding, funeral, church, class or work. You can be behind a chic in the Publix line, minding your own business, reading the cover of the latest gossip magazine when out of no where “Chilling on a dirt road” blarrs out of no where! She is fumbling trying to answer it. 

Men on the other had with their phones on silent or vibrate while in their home with their females have something to hide. Don’t let the smooth talk fool ya. 

Silent/vibrate equals sneaky !

Think about it. You home with your man…. you run out for something to eat, you have a flat or in a wreck. You repeatedly try to reach his ass but can’t because his damn phone is on silent!

Fruit infused water.

It has been my understanding that infusing water with fruit is to be a healthy activity.

My question is why do you take the time to slice the healthy fruit, place it in an expensive infuser that you spent good money on that you shouldnt have and load it up with SUGAR?

Where do they do that at? Why do you say you are trying to be healthy? Buy healthy diet pills and phone apps? When you place over two cups of sugar in a gallon of fruit infused water. That defeats the purpose of infusing it naturally. The fruit themselves sweeten the  water you should not need to add sugar. You give new meaning to the word non-compliant! Just drink your kool aid or sodas that you normally do! Don’t say you’re going healthy when in fact you doing the exact opposite.