Beyonce Attacked By Bill O’Reilly — Calls Sexy Video ‘Exploitive Garbage’


Beyonce use to be the singer/songwriter any age could listen to. She did not dress like a Nun, always sophisticated and classy. But this new reinvented version of the singer makes me want to vomit. Yes you can be seductive and not sluttie. I have come to expect more from her. It seems she has hitched a ride on the same train that our beloved Whitney Houston took. Hopefully being the dapper gent that I think Jayz is he will stop this before she too crashes and burns!

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Bill O’Reilly has slammed Beyonce for her ‘Partition’ music video, claiming she is glorifying sex and using her role model status to encourage young girls to get pregnant. Do you think Bill is going too far this time?

While interviewing music mogul Russell Simmons, Bill O’Reilly went off on a rant about one of Beyonce‘s latest music videos. Though Russell protests the topic at hand, Bill brings up the Monica Lewinsky reference and goes on to call her sexy “Partition” music video “garbage.”

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Don’t let the smooth talk fool ya

Men who have their phones on silent or vibrate have something to hide. I completely understand these settings for work or school but home? No there is only one reason for this. 

Women never have their phones on silent or vibrate unfortunately. Even in situations which they should be; like a wedding, funeral, church, class or work. You can be behind a chic in the Publix line, minding your own business, reading the cover of the latest gossip magazine when out of no where “Chilling on a dirt road” blarrs out of no where! She is fumbling trying to answer it. 

Men on the other had with their phones on silent or vibrate while in their home with their females have something to hide. Don’t let the smooth talk fool ya. 

Silent/vibrate equals sneaky !

Think about it. You home with your man…. you run out for something to eat, you have a flat or in a wreck. You repeatedly try to reach his ass but can’t because his damn phone is on silent!

Fruit infused water.

It has been my understanding that infusing water with fruit is to be a healthy activity.

My question is why do you take the time to slice the healthy fruit, place it in an expensive infuser that you spent good money on that you shouldnt have and load it up with SUGAR?

Where do they do that at? Why do you say you are trying to be healthy? Buy healthy diet pills and phone apps? When you place over two cups of sugar in a gallon of fruit infused water. That defeats the purpose of infusing it naturally. The fruit themselves sweeten the  water you should not need to add sugar. You give new meaning to the word non-compliant! Just drink your kool aid or sodas that you normally do! Don’t say you’re going healthy when in fact you doing the exact opposite. 

Bootleg Movies

Bootleg movies friend or foe? I have mixed emotions on this one. I totally understand that yes the movie industry is upset that their movies are being copied and sold on the “black market”. I understand that yes; this is taking money away from the major film writers, producers all the way down to the extras in the movies. However I also understand why bootleggers make copies of these movies.

Not everyone can afford the money to go to the movies. What is it $10.00 or more per ticket now? This may seem like pennies to many but for more than the world care to acknowledge this is like spending a hundred dollars. 

And yea yea…. blah blah blah “it takes money to make these movies and yes it takes money to pay the entire crew”. But if you stop paying this actors/actress millions of dollars to be in the film then you would have money to pay the cast and crew. 35 million to star in a movie…. REALLY. 

Come on people. As long as you are able to pay actors/actress/singers the asinine amounts of money to be in the movies and charge large amounts of money to see the movies then I CONDONE the distribution of bootleg movies. 

Ouch Fibroids!

I have to admit I have no true idea what fibroids are.  the first time I heard of them was whwn Cynthia Bailey from RHOA had them on this season. Now my best friendis having to have her cervix and uterus removed because of possible cancerous fibriods. Her period has been on all month, most days you tip toe around her as you never know what her mood will be like ! I hope this total hysterectomy brings my old friend back !if you or someone you love have\had fibriods and had them removed or the hysterectomy please share your stories so that I may have some insight. 

The Forbidden Zone

Ladies a word to the not so wise; dont discuss your sex life with your female co-workers!

These people are not your friends. They are called co-workers for a reason!

Saying you hate having sex with your husband is something that never should be voiced. 
My question is if you hate having sex with him why the hell did you marry him in the first place?
You openly say; “its over quick but you don’t care because you have other things to do anyway”?

I may must have been raised differently. I was always taught to NEVER discuss you and your man to another female. ANY female. 
What happens between you and your spouse should remain just that BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE/MATE.

Do you not know how thirsty some females are? If they know your spouse is sexually deprived he/she will pounce on that in a hot minute.  
Don’t tell your co-workers that your spouse/mate has cheated on you and then look like an idot when not all share your views on forgive and forget!
Somethings should be kept to yourselves. Don’t air your dirty laundry to your co-workers and then ask their opinion and get all bent out shape when they have the exact opposite opinion!

This is what makes us all human. If we all shared the exact opinions and had the same beliefs the world would be very boring!

And don’t be mad when the next time your mate/spouse cheats on you with Sally your secretary. Just because you feel his penis is too small and the sex don’t last long enough….. Sally may be a money grubbing whore and not care if its small and fast as long as her bills are paid! 

I keep my workout clothes in my car !

I love walking I even dabbling in a slow jog everynow and then. I frequently walk after work on days when it’s not raining or hell-a hot. My co workers know this as this is my regular routine. 

One day I snap a picture of one of my after work walking adventures (I try to walk different areas at least 3 times a month) to my co workers because the view was just so beautiful.

My one co-worker who’s waste is 78 inches, pays hell-a money for wack ass diet plans but eat over 4000 calories by noon; replies back… we all should go walking together sometimes I KEEP MY WORKOUT CLOTHES IN MY CAR !

I am not disrespecting my big girls by no means as I am no thin queen myself BUT…

Don’t make yourself look like the sterotypical obese person that everyone mocks and redicules! If you want to loose weight the first step away from the refridgerator and  STOP EATING A TON OF FOOD BEFORE LUNCH! And when I say a ton I mean…. 

She starts the day with a sausage, bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a coke. This is at 0800.
We have administration meetings at 10… she will eat whatever is supplied there whether its 2-3 Crispy Cream Donuts, Bagel (top & bottom) with cream cheese,  or breakfast danishes chased by orange juice or whatever beverage is supplied.

Then there is lunch at 1130! She will go get her a Big Mac Meal, or Nacho bell grande meal or a meal from the dinning room which is an large entree and dessert. Cleans it out completely because “she hates to waiste food !

After this it is truely a free for all….. chips, cookies, yogurt, candy bars maybe even some mixed fruit thrown in there chased by a pepsi! I sit directly behind her and all day I watch her eat like a hover vaccum cleaner! Has a mini fridge right beside her desk for easy access even. I can’t eat most of the time because I get so nauseated from watching her eat all damn day! 

Oh did I forget to mention she is also a brittle diabetic. Always complains about the amount of insulin she has to take because of her blood sugar!

Honey step away from the gazillion calorie intake; get those workout clothes out of your car and onto your back and exercise before you have a massive heart attack or stroke before you are 45!